Kinesio Tex Performance+ - 2” Red

Kinesio Tex Performance+ - 2” Red

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  • Hypoallergenic:
  • Latex Free:
  • Multiple Day Wear:
  • Water Resistant:
  • Half Cotton, Half Polyester:

The new Kinesio Tex Performance+ Tape offers comfortable wear while syncing to the body’s multi-directional movement. It also provides stability, support and pressure release for deep fascia and muscle.

Performance+ Characteristics

  • Kinesio Tex Performance+ supports joints and muscles like an athletic tape without limiting or restricting range of motion.
  • Created with Kinesio’s cutting-edge, evidence based technology and hybrid materials that can only be found in Kinesio products.
  • Flexible support with gentle stimulation.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Easy application and removal.
  • New lightweight material for comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex Free
  • Multiple Day Wear
  • Water Resistant
  • Half Cotton, Half Polyester

What’s Inside

• Retractable Hard Case.
• Application Guide With Instructions.
• 1 Roll Of Uncut Kinesio Tex Tape. Can be cut and customized for any taping application.

What is Kinesio?

Kinesio, the original elastic movement support tape, is backed by over 35 years of research and proven results.

Its dependability has made it a trusted tool used by medical professionals worldwide since 1979.

Kinesio's innovative design works by lifting the superficial layers of skin and tissue, helping the flow of lymphatic fluid thus easing discomfort.

Kinesio supports muscles and joints likes athletic tape without limiting range of motion - making if a comfortable fit for your Work, Life, Play.

Learn the Kinesio Taping® Method

Learn the globally recognized Kinesio Taping Method. Take a CKTT® (Certified Kinesio Taping Technician®) Workshop.

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